I'm Tanja Shaw.

I help women over 50 ditch the crazy diet rules, take control over food, and lose the weight for the last time.

Discover the 3 Critical Mistakes Women 50+ Make When Trying to Lose Weight


You want to eat healthier, feel better, and to finally get the body and life you want (and deserve), but are FRUSTRATED that each attempt to move forward sends you falling back into old habits. 

The cycle is exhausting. You no longer believe in yourself. You thought you would have figured this out by now. And you don’t know what to do next.

You’ve come to the right place. 

My name is Tanja and I’m here to help you end the fight against food and your body, so that you can find REAL health, and you can start living your life. 

I want you to look back at your life and to know that you have loved, lived, played and engaged in life instead of constantly thinking about food and your weight.  

I want you to have more energy. Confidence. FREEDOM to do what you want without fears or self doubt holding you back.

I want you to know how GOOD you can feel in your body.

When you love something, you take care of it.



Self-Loathing is Lame

We live life in our own heads, with our thoughts. And if you’re constantly bombarded by negative, self-defeating thoughts, frankly, it sucks. One client put

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