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15 Minute Full Body Strength Workout

The condo we rented for our Kauai vacation (I know… I’m super lucky and I know it!) included access to the Poipu Athletic Club– BONUS! Normally on vacation I stick to body weight workouts, or I may pack a band in my suitcase. The same vacation rules apply though: move my body daily, 30 minutes max of a ‘workout’ (hikes, walks, paddle boarding is different), and whenever possible, end in a swim. 

Don’t be fooled by this full body strength work- you will get your heart rate up as well!

The Workout:
Set your interval timer for 90 seconds.
Complete 5 reps or each exercise:
1. Row
2. Squat + single arm shoulder press (5 on each side)
3. Squats or squat jumps
4. Push-ups
Start a round every 90 seconds. 
Complete 10 rounds.

Increase or decrease the weights
Reduce rounds to 6-8 or give more time to complete the set
Change up the exercises to suit your body’s needs.

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