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22 Minute Body Weight Blast

I just did this one… again.  Today I set my timer for 40/10 and added in skipping to the set (so 9 exercises altogether).  I just finally got a skipping rope so was a bit excited to use it.  Be sure to modify the workout as needed… your body knows best! 

Remember to warm up before the workout.  A great warm up is to do each exercise for 30 seconds and a lower intensity. 

  1. Skipping (not in video)
  2. 2 squat jacks + burpee
  3. Reverse lunge- kick- squat combo
  4. Burpee + pushup
  5. Single leg kicks (abs)
  6. Knee to opposite elbow
  7. Funky bum exercises (or just free-style it!)
  8. Triceps push-up + knee to opposite elbow
  9. Jump overs

Workout because it feels good… enjoy!