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A 3-Step Process that Actually Works

I KNOW how tempting it is to want to do a complete overhaul when you feel like you’ve let yourself go.

Maybe you’d had a few days (or weeks, or months) of ‘going off the rails’.

Maybe you’ve let yourself get caught up with the pressure to “Make 2022 the Best Year Ever”.

Maybe a Facebook memory came up of your smiling face 10 years ago, and 10 pounds lighter.

It’s SO TEMPTING to want to do the pantry purge, swear off carbs, or decide you’re never again going to eat past 7PM.

But don’t. Be honest with yourself. You’ve done that before. And it doesn’t work.

Diets don’t teach you how to commit and follow through.

Do these 3 steps instead. Seriously… I mean take out a pen and journal, and block off 10 minutes.


1. Give yourself CREDIT for the things you’re already doing. You may call it ‘celebrate the wins’. We don’t do this enough! Chances are, you’re focusing on all the things that you’re NOT doing, or that you could be doing better instead of the good habits you already have.

When you stop to celebrate your wins, your brain will shift from panic and stress (making irrational decisions) to a calmer, more logical, and rational brain. This is what you want!

Set a timer for 2 minute and jot down as many things as you can.


2. Get CLEAR on what you want to change. Clarity is important. Don’t say “I want EVERYTHING to change” or “I want to eat better”. Too vague!

Set a timer for 2 minutes and write down as many specific things that you would like to change as you can. This is NOT a commitment to do it all, this is simply a brainstorm.

Examples: give my body a break from food for 12 hours a day, have protein with my breakfast, caffeine-free after 2PM, eat when I’m actually hungry, plan my meals, stretch for 5 minutes a day.


3. COMMIT to 1-3 things and GO. Look at your list, and pick 1-3 simple, DOABLE actions and implement. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Recommit every single day.

The key to the COMMIT part is to start with where you are at, and take a small step forward.

As you follow through, your build CONFIDENCE and TRUST with yourself, and a whole lot of MOMENTUM.

When that change becomes easy(ish), stay committed to it, and add one more thing, or fine tune that change.

It’s so SIMPLE. And it works. It’s what I teach my women. It’s what I do for myself.

How will you COMMIT to yourself this week?

-Tanja x