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300 Reps for the Legs & Glutes [Full Length Workout]

I’m glad you’re here!  Enjoy with workout 🙂

Warm up: Jogging on the spot, and then 5 reps of each exercise.

The workout: 10 reps of each
1. 10 Squats (weights or no weights).  Keep weight on you heels and knees in line with toes.
2. 10 Stationary Lunges on each side.  Keep weigh on the heel of your front foot and knees in line with toes.  Keep shoulders back and core engaged.
3. 10 Curtsy squats on each side. 
4. 10 Push-ups + Rotation (5 to each side).  To modify, go on your knees for the push-up and/or rotation part of the exercise.
5. 10 Single Leg Extensions on each side.  To modify, keep one let on the floor while you lift the other one.   Focus on drawing your naval toward your spine.
6. 10 Knee to Elbow Plank on each side.  To modify, hold the regular plank for the time it takes me to complete the 10 reps!
7. 10 Hip openers.  Alternative: the regular bridge.  Focus on the buttock muscles!
8. 10 Squat Presses.  You can also use a band, or no weights.
9. 10 Reverse Lunge + Touch Down.  Alternative: reverse lunge with no touch down/ balance OR step back (no lunge) and step up to balance.  Focus on your buttock muscles of the leg you’re standing on!
10. 10 Squat + Hip Abduction.  Leg comes out to the side and slightly back.  Squeeze those glutes!

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