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5 Exercise Full Body Strength Circuit


A few days ago I posted a video for a 10 round strength workout. It was tough, and we did it again.

I rarely plan my workouts more than a few minutes before I start. To be perfectly honest, I’ve wanted to follow a more detailed plan, but the repetitiveness of most workout plans would drive me nuts. I thrive on variety, and I’ve been happy with the results (how my body looks, fitness and ability to stay motivated) with a lot of variety.

Here’s what I do for planning:
Have a general idea of what you want to focus on (ex. strength, plyometrics, core/balance and so on). Keep this varied. For example, if you do strength one day, maybe a core/balance or cardio day the next day.

Next, decide on the format of the workout. For example, tabatas, a 3 exercise strength circuit by timed, of to complete as many rounds of a sequence of exercises in a set time. Once you know the general focus and have a template to follow, you simply plug in the actual exercises.

This workout follows the same template I did last week: 10 rounds of 4-5 exercises, 5 reps of each. I bumped up the mountain climbers/ in & outs to 10, and added in 10 leg reaches as I had plenty of time.

Be sure to modify the workout as needed and always work to your own ability!

The Workout:
Set your interval timer for 90 seconds.
1. 5 Chin Assists, Row or Lat Pull Downs
2. 5Squat + front raise (focus on glutes!)
3. 5 Triceps Push-ups (knees or toe)
4. 10 mountain climbers or In/Outs
5. 10 Leg reaches (abs)
Start a round every 90 seconds. 
Complete 10 rounds.

Increase or decrease the weights
Reduce rounds to 6-8 or give more time to complete the set
Change up the exercises to suit your body’s needs.

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