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5 Day Challenge: Most Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about the technical side of how the 5 Day Challenge works. So, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions below and have included some videos to make it easier.

How do I register for the 5 Day Challenge?

This video will walk you through the process step by step. Don’t worry it’s EASY!


I’m not receiving the emails… Help!

  • Make sure that you are registered for the Challenge. You won’t be on our email list unless you have completed the registration form.
  • Check your spam, junk and promotions folders/tabs in your email. Sometimes new emails will be pushed to one of these folders.
  • Still can’t find the email? Email and we will do our best to get you connected

PRO TIP: For step-by-step instructions and images on how to move emails from your Promotions to your Primary folder, click here.

Where do I find the Daily Wins Tracker and Printable Challenge Guide?

  • You should receive the link in your confirmation email upon registering for the challenge.
  • We will also send it out the Sunday before the challenge.
  • Make sure you are registered for the challenge (otherwise you will not receive the emails)
  • If you still cannot find it or are not receiving the emails, please email

What if I don’t have Facebook?

Many women who are not typically on Facebook have created free accounts just for this challenge. Some even use their ‘junk’ email address (the email address they only use to subscribe to junk mail ;). For the Sept 2022 challenge, we are beta testing streaming the live training to YouTube ( and sending out the replay so that you can watch outside of Facebook. This is our first time doing this, so please be patient with any tech issues! Please also note that most of my videos on my channel are old and geared toward boot camp style fitness training (which I used to teach). 

Also, the Masterclasses will be LIVE on Zoom, so Facebook is not required for these important trainings. We do have women who join the Masterclass even if they couldn’t make the challenge itself. 

Where are the GUIDES?

In this video you’ll learn where the guides are located in the FaceBook Group and how to find Tanja when she starts the LIVE Training during the Challenge.


I can’t see when Tanja Shaw goes live in the Facebook Group?

  • If you are already in Facebook you can refresh your browser about 5 minutes prior to the call starting.
  • Keep doing this if you don’t see the going LIVE countdown post at the top of the group feed.
  • When Tanja goes LIVE the feed will also be added as an announcement at the top of the Facebook Group.
  • Note: If you are on Facebook before the LIVE begins it will not pop up. You will need to refresh your browser.

How do I leave a review for the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast?

For the step by step on how the leave a Review for the Podcast click here:
Thank you for leaving a review!

So how does this all work?

The daily LIVE training is the most important part, the rest is just bonus.
So simply show up, watch the LIVE or the replay afterward, listen with intention and implement with daily action.

There are daily printouts but you can simply take notes on your own sheet of paper if you don’t have a printer or are unable to download the document. The main thing is listening in to the message and content of the LIVE training.

Any tips for those watching the Replay?

Most women will end up watching the replay. It’s simply impossible to find a time that works for everyone in all time zones.

Right after the LIVE training that recording will be added to the Guide for that given day and also tagged as an announcement at the top of the group feed for easy access.

When watching the replay be sure to scroll past the timer countdown that plays at the beginning of the video.

Take notes on the worksheet or your own paper or notebook.

Comment or post under the daily action steps post (also found under the Guide for each day and under the announcements at the top of the group feed.

How do I figure out what time the training takes place in my timezone?

All the LIVE Training times are listed in Pacific Time (use Vancouver, BC on
To convert to your time zone, go to
The video below shows you how to do it!

Where do I post in the group for prizes?

In the Facebook group –> Select the Guides Tab –> Click on the day you are wanting to post to (ie: Day 1) –> Click on the Today’s Actions Steps –> this is the post that you will add to or comment on in order to be entered for that daily prize.