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A Letter from Tanja

Over the years I have gone to food many times to give myself what I needed. What I wanted.

But it was never there.

It was a moment of distraction. An empty promise.

It didn’t solve my worries and uncertainty.

It didn’t solve procrastination.

It didn’t solve feeling alone.

It didn’t solve feeling tired or cold or bored.

It didn’t even solve my desire for pleasure because I wasn’t even present when I ate.

It was a moment of distraction.

I believe that weight loss is the natural consequence of taking care of yourself. Or, put another way, when you take care of yourself, your body will get to its natural, happy weight.

When you lead with that belief, there is no deprivation. You don’t rely on willpower.

You’re simply giving her what she needs.

Food doesn’t solve worries, but journalling can help bring language to your thoughts, and give you a framework to work through problems.

Food doesn’t solve procrastination, but clarity and action do.

Food doesn’t solve loneliness. Being with yourself and the feeling might.

Food doesn’t solve fatigue. Rest does.

As for pleasure. Pleasure is your birthright. Allow yourself to get the full pleasure from food AND incorporate other sources of pleasure in your life. You probably already are, but you might be missing out on the feeling because you’re thinking about something else.

And that is self-care.

-Tanja x