I help women over 50 who have been dieting most of their life lose the weight permanently, naturally and without the obsession… so that they can live the life they deserve.

Are you exhausted from yo-yo-ing- being all in or all off and wish you had more willpower?
Are you tired of quitting on yourself?
Are you terrified that you’ll look back on your life and regret fully living because you were spending so much energy on food, diet and your body?
Do you crave a peaceful, natural relationship with food?
Do you long to ENGAGE in life instead of watching from the sidelines?

That was me.

The realization that I was wasting so much of my life fighting unwanted eating habits, obsessing about food, or in the never-ending pursuit of perfection hit me.

It hit me hard.

At the end, the very end, I want to look back at my life and know that I loved, lived, played and engaged in life.

I wanted to take all that wasted energy and redirect it to being vibrant, energetic, passionate, confident and to fully show up in life.

And that’s why now i’m relentlessly focused on helping women like you, who have been struggling for years to  feel GOOD in their body. To find that peaceful relationships with food so they can start saying YES to life.

I help women feel confident in their body; to stop fighting food and to get on their own side; to practice self compassion and self acceptance and yes, self love.

So does that mean you can ‘eat whatever you want?’ and ‘give up the gym?’

Self compassion does not mean resignation.

It’s about choosing foods that give you energy, and make you feel good. It’s about enjoying your food and enjoying life. Moving your body is about being strong and energetic for life. So that you can go on hikes and explore the outdoors. So that you can play with your grandkids and keep up. So you can add life to your years.

And the answer isn’t a set of food rules or a meal plan.

You don't need more information.

Diets and the ‘experts’ tell you what to eat and when to eat it. Except you already KNOW what you could be doing, should be doing and WANT to be doing to lose weight. You’re just not doing it. 

The answer is simple, consistent action.
Learning to work WITH your body instead of against it.

Learning how to THINK differently so that taking great care of yourself is the natural choice. 

Learning to eat well is just the beginning. It’s the start of a radical SHIFT to live a full, vibrant life and to truly feel GOOD in your body.

The journey showing up fully in life, to be vibrant and confident, and to present yourself as the beautiful, amazing person you are is not a sprint. It’s a journey of learning about yourself, with many ups and downs. It may not be as sexy as the promise of shedding 5 or 10 pounds with an eat-this-not-that plan or three week cleanse. But you’ve done that before. And you KNOW it doesn’t work. 

What’s on the other side is worth it. You’re worth it. And I’m on this journey with you.

If you’re ready to be inspired, to wake up each morning feeling excited for life, and to love your body, join me in this fun, transformational journey to a vibrant, energetic and confident you. 

I believe in you. 


And a bit more about me:

I’m a west coast girl, born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. I feel most alive when I’m love hiking in nature or staring at just about any body of water, from the Pacific Ocean to the Vedder River (that flows through my current home, Chilliwack). I also love my morning coffee. 

My formal education is from the University of VIctoria; I have my Bachelors of Kinesiology (graduated in 2004).  I also completed the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Training (2017) and am a Certified High Performance Coach (2018) through the High Performance Institute. 

When I’m not writing, podcasting, speaking on stage or in workshops, continuing my own education, running my health and wellness studio in Chilliwack, and working with my amazing clients, I am…

  • Hanging out with the family! That could mean skiing, going for mini-hikes, baking cookies, a dinner at my mom + dad’s, or an indulgent date with my husband, Keith.
  • Going for a walk by the Vedder River, usually while listening to an audiobook or podcast or talking with a friend or my sister.
  • Doing ANYTHING active. Daily movement is non-negotiable for me- hiking, yoga, paddle boarding, Wednesday morning HIIT workouts with friends, cycling, and strength training (also a non-negotiable- though I prefer going outside!)
  • On an adventure. I LOVE Hawaii- and BC. As a family, we spend a lot of time camping in our trailer, Carl. 
Now tell me one thing about you! DM me on instagram or Facebook!