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Adrenals + Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue?
Low blood pressure?
Midsection weight gain?
Trouble staying asleep?
Sugar or salt cravings?
Afternoon energy crash?
Brain fog?
These are all signs that your adrenals might need some TLC.
Adrenals are two walnut-sized endocrine (hormone) glands that sit above your kidneys and are largely responsible for helping your body respond to stress.
However, they were never designed to handle the stressors of modern society. Think negative self-talk, overconsumption of processed foods, environmental toxins, and chronic work stressors. 
Here are something you can do to love your adrenals:
⭐ Test to see the data (it is POWERFUL when you see YOUR numbers, instead of simply relying on theory). I use the DUTCH test or saliva testing on my clients (and myself) to measure cortisol levels over the day.
⭐Turn off screens 1 hour before bed.
⭐ Aim for 7-9 hours of rest each night.
⭐ Sunlight first thing in the morning if you can (living in the Pacific Northwest makes this difficult for a few months a year).
⭐ Eat regular meals and balance your blood sugar (protein, carbs + fat at each meal).
⭐ Less coffee and much less alcohol.
⭐ Less coffee and much less alcohol.
⭐ .Move your body every day but not excessively (intense exercise is another stressor).
⭐ Supplement wisely.
⭐ More connection, intimacy, and orgasms.
⭐ Slow down. One of the mantras is to slow down to the speed of presence. 
What is one thing you do to support your adrenals?
Let me know so I can celebrate with you!
-Tanja x