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All In versus All or Nothing: FVY198


Every single day, I send an email and a voice note to my clients in Fit + Vibrant Over 50. In the program, we don’t just focus on weight loss, we are changing our LIVES and having a daily touch point and the mindset upgrade has been transformational. 

A few week’s ago I shared a note about being ALL IN versus ALL OR NOTHING. And I wanted to share it with you. 

All-or-nothing thinking refers to thinking in extremes. You are either a success or a failure. If you are not perfect, then you are a failure. And if you’re a failure, then you might as well make the failure epic (hello cheesecake, wine, leftover pizza, cereal by the handful, peanut butter by the spoon, ice cream from the container).

All or nothing thinking and consistency and are like oil and water… they don’t mix (I talk more about all or nothing thinking in episodes 119 + 186).

But there IS a mindset that does work…. and that is being ALL IN.

Press play and join me on this week’s episode.

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