You are currently viewing FVY 47: Artful Eating and Joyous Weight Loss with Karina Melvin

FVY 47: Artful Eating and Joyous Weight Loss with Karina Melvin

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“Weight loss is a joyous consequence”.  YES! 

I first connected with Karina Melvin in a course we took together about writing copy.  As I got to know Karina and how she works with her clients, I knew you would love to hear from her.  I love how Karina focuses on why and how we eat, not what we eat.

Karina Melvin has spent over ten years training in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy and now lectures in psychotherapy at University College Dublin and runs her own clinic, Sandymount Psychotherapy where she specializes in weight loss therapy. Her mission is to encourage people to ‘ditch the diet’ and learn the magic of eating for pleasure. She teaches that when you get clear on the fact that weight loss is not about what you eat but why and how you eat you will begin to enjoy a whole new way of being in your body.

In the interview we talk about:

  • Why our bodies are hardwired to resist dieting
  • What it means to eat the food you enjoy and LOSE WEIGHT… and how you can too
  • Your personal stories and what you believe to be true about yourself can limit your potential… and how to re-write your story
  • Simple mindset changes to ‘flip the switch’ and view pushing your plate away as a pleasurable experience
  • The transition from being a ‘controlled eater’ to an ‘intuitive eater’
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