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Beans, Avocado + Egg Bowl

Many of my clients ask for recipes. I RARELY use recipes- simply because the food I eat is so darn simple it doesn’t require a recipe. And if you follow me on instagram and see my stories, or look at the ‘food’ highlights, you’ll see that my food is SUPER SIMPLE. And delicious. And fast to make. 

I’ll do my best with this one but keep in mind I never measure anything!
This is a meal I often eat for breakfast for lunch. 

Tanja x

Serves 1 

1-2 hard boiled eggs, chopped up
2 (ish) cups steamed green beans **
1/3-1/2 avocado
Salt + garlic powder to taste
Optional: Nutritional yeast

**I usually use frozen green beans. You can also used other veggies (ex. steamed broccoli or cauliflower)

In a bowl, mash eggs, avocado, salt + garlic. Mix in the steamed beans.


Eat slowly and mindfully. Chew your food and ENJOY!

*If you’re making extras or packing it to go, don’t add the beans right away. Warm up the beans and then add right before eating. Unless you want to eat the entire dish cold, in which case it doesn’t matter!