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Bev’s Story

Ladies! You need to listen to Bev’s story.

After struggling with weight and diabetes for years (she could lose the weight, but whenever she reached her goal, she would gain it right back again), Bev has cracked the code on how to get and KEEP her results, AND enjoy the process.

Listen in as she shares how she…

✨ Lost 20 pounds ended the self-sabotage cycle and is EXCITED to keep going
✨ Drastically reduced her medication for Type 2 Diabetes
✨ Went from being a sugar addict to easily saying no to sweets without feeling deprived
✨ Decided that she was WORTH investing in herself (how her weight loss journey has positively impacted all aspects of her life)

*Update* Bev just emailed me that while on vacation, she had lost another 2 pounds 🙌