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1: See It: The Foundations

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Welcome to the first phase of your journey. In our pathway, SEE IT is all about laying the foundation for success. 

If you have worked with me in Empowered Weight Loss, we are diving DEEPER into the Foundations here. 

In this phase, we have three main goals:
1. To get clear on what you want to achieve and WHY you want what you want.
2. To slow down and start to build AWARENESS of your habits.
3. To create routines so that you make consistent progress. 

This phase will take approximately 2-4 weeks to complete. Space the lessons out accordingly. 
And remember that there is NO BEHIND.

Here is a ‘checklist’ of what you will be completing during the lesson (many clients find it easier to have it all in one area to review each time they login!) 

  • Write your goals, and then connect with your goals and your why EVERY SINGLE DAY. 
  • You have a solid morning routine! Each day connect with your goals, do something to focus your mindset, and write down 1-3 simple, actionable DOABLE commitments that will move you forward toward your goals; toward the person you want to be. This is about building TRUST with yourself. You should be at least a 9.5/10 on the ‘confidence’ scale that you can complete the commitments. Ex. drink 4 glasses of water, eat my chips at night from a bowl instead of the bag.
  • You have a solid evening routine that includes celebrating your WINS. 
  • You are starting to use your Fit + Vibrant Planner.