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2: Your DRESS Protocol

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CONGRATULATIONS for making it here. Now that you have laid the foundation and prepared yourself for success we are ready to charge forward into Phase 2: DO IT. 

I recommend going through the DO IT and LIVE IT simultaneously to solidify your habits.  The program is not over when you watch the videos… you will continue to circle back on these teachings as you focus on becoming just a little bit better each day with each habit.

During this phase, you’ll redefine success as you prepare yourself for little failures YOU WILL encounter along the way. To make a lifestyle change, you’ll learn that success is not black and white, and that there is no finish line. 

**This phase does not need to be completed in order, and you do not need to mark a lesson complete to move on to the next lesson. 

Get ready to BRING THE JOY and let’s DO IT!