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Dear body, I love you.

Dear body,
Thank you for letting me play. To serve others. To hug. To make love. To climb mountains. To explore and go on adventures. To experience life. 
You have always been there for me.  You have always had my best interest at heart. You have always tried your best for me.  But I didn’t always appreciate you.
I called you names. I poked and pinched you. I judged you. I fed you in ways that didn’t make you feel good- because I wanted to punish you. And then I didn’t feed you when you needed it. I didn’t listen to you when you needed rest. I didn’t trust you. I thought I needed to fight you and control you. 
And all along- you have been there. Lovingly been there for me.
So thank you.
My life is possible because of you. 
I appreciate you.
And I love you.
-Tanja x