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Denise Dunn Happiness Story

“I always felt less because I weighed more”

At 17, Denise started her first diet. And for her entire adult life, she repeatedly lost and gained the same 30-40 pounds. After each failed attempt, she went back to diets, because she didn’t know what else to do.

After gaining weight again, Denise was very uncomfortable and unhappy. She also knew she had to do something. She was so tired of diets.

And that’s when she found Fit + Vibrant Over 50.

“It’s a bit scary there’s a commitment and a money investment. But I took the leap of faith and I did it! It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I have changed in so many ways.

You taught me to love myself. I didn’t love myself when I had the weight on and I still have weight to lose but I love myself. I can’t explain to you how much you changed my life. And that’s huge. How can you honestly put a price on that”

I am absolutely delighted to share Denise’s story with you.

In her story, you’ll find hope, inspiration, and nuggets of wisdom to help you in your transformation.