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Eating is like paddle boarding: It’s a practice

I talk a lot about mindful eating, relaxed eating and listening to your body, and believe that these cornerstone habits are the key to your long term success when it comes to eating.  Yet, it’s easy to apply the same ‘diet mentality’ to mindfulness and intuitive eating

You were “bad” because you didn’t listen to your body and you overate one night.  Or you didn’t have a good week because you were under a lot of stress and didn’t take the time to sit down and eat mindfully.

Don’t let these key foundational habits become another diet.  Instead, look at learning how to eat mindfully, and how to listen to your body as a practice… just like learning how to paddle board, play golf, or any other skill.

Imagine if you fell off your paddle board and then decided that you’re a failure, or that you were ‘bad’?  Or, when someone mentioned that you could shorten your stroke, you got off the lake and waited til the next day to go back on so that you could spend the entire time doing it perfectly? 

Eating, and your relationship with food is no different than learning any other skill.  It’s a practice. 

I dive into this concept a bit more in this quick video.  Enjoy!