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You Feel Your Best When…

Do you ever feel like you need to choose between ‘living a little’ (letting loose, living in the moment, and eating with abandon) and ‘being good; (eating veggies, drinking water, and missing out on all the fun)?

I used to have that black and white thinking. I spent years bouncing between remarkable willpower (while being anxious that the sliver of cake I ate at a birthday party would derail me) and not caring (eating whatever I wanted, but wallowing in guilt and regret soon after). 

There is another option. Another perspective.
It’s helped me get the body AND life I want, and I hope it helps you too. 

Taking care of your body- eating healthy, drinking your water, moving your body- is not a burden or a punishment. It is something you get to do. It is something you want to do because if you’re honest with yourself, you know that you enjoy life so much more when you feel good. When you’re in that vibrant, present, happy state that comes from taking great care of your body.

You know what it’s like to ‘live a little’. You’ve done that. And you don’t like how it makes you feel. So instead of focusing on everything you are ‘missing out on’ with your past unhealthy patterns, shift your focus on what you’re gaining when you do take care of yourself.

Ask yourself:
How can I take care of myself AND enjoy myself today?
If I were at my goal (body transformation with a peaceful relationship with food) what would I do or think in this situation?

Sure, there will still be sacrifices. There will be some old habits you’ll have to give up along the way.

You’re going to sacrifice one way or the other. You can either sacrifice those temporary pleasures because you want to feel the best you can in your body, or you’re going to sacrifice feeling good in your body.

You are worthy of feeling amazing, and you have the power to make yourself feel this way every single day. You don’t have to change all your habits at once or do everything. You just need to focus on each small step in the right direction, and you’re only going to continue feeling better and better as time progresses.

Here’s to feeling your absolute best today!

-Tanja x