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Feeling ‘blah’? Here’s what you can do.

If you’re reading this blog post at all, you probably already know what I mean when I say ‘feeling blah’.  

If you’re unfamiliar with ‘blah’, then lucky you.  Here’s how I describe it: you feel down, a bit ‘off’, unmotivated, uninspired, generally dissatisfied, and you can’t pinpoint why.  Your dog didn’t die.  You didn’t just have a fight with your spouse.  In fact, externally, things can seem pretty good and there’s much to be grateful for.  Despite knowing all this, you  simply feel, well ‘blah’, and you can’t quite shake it off.   If you do experience these feelings for more than a few days, please please please reach out to someone who can support you, and talk to your health professional.  It’s time that we open the conversation and get real about the ups and downs with people we trust.  When you have the honour of spending time with someone who you really care about, take a moment to ask how they’re doing; how they’re really doing. 

Back to feeling blah: I made this short video on such a day.  In the video I offer three things you can do to shift your perspective when you’re having such a day.