You are currently viewing FVY 011: The thief of happiness

FVY 011: The thief of happiness

Just so you know, I’m not sharing the thief of happiness so you can be unhappy.  That would be silly!  

I’m sharing the thief of happiness so that you can become aware of it and recognize when you are doing it, which is the first step of making changes to your thought process.  Like anything, it’s a process!  

Let’s be honest.  Comparing yourself to others, and to where you ‘should’ be, (because someone said so, or society says so) is normal.  And having some awareness is healthy.  But we take it too far… and the constant comparison takes us away from focusing on the things that we are working on, and takes us away from the present.  

 In episode 11 of the Fit and Vibrant You Podcast, I share:

  • 4 real life examples of comparison (career, parenthood, relationships, and body)
  • 2 action steps to start to change the way you view other people
  • The question you need to ask two times to close friends: and then be prepared to listen.  

Links mentioned in the Episode:
The Charged Life (Brendan Burchard)

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