You are currently viewing FVY 016: The Transformation Project with Wendy Mader

FVY 016: The Transformation Project with Wendy Mader


Quite often I bring on experts onto the show, but equally important is to hear the stories of real, everyday people (not saying that experts aren’t real) to get an insiders look as to what other people are doing.
My guest today is someone who is on the journey to better health.  I first met Wendy at the start of this year when she was first starting to think that it’s time to make change.  When we launched a 12 Week program in the spring, I met her again and got to know Wendy quite well during our weekly meetings. 
I’ve brought Wendy on to share the things that she has done to break through and to transform her life.  She has so many actionable items to share: pick one or two to build into your daily habits- you don’t have to do all of them 🙂

In each podcast episode, I put together a special freebie for you.  This one is extra special because Wendy shares the exact words she reads each morning to stay committed to success.  I’ve also included the Food Mood Journal template we used in the Fit and Lean Transformation Project.

Here’s what we talk about:

  • How Wendy used eating, food, and weight gain to as a way to defend herself, and what she did to change that mindset
  • The exact action items Wendy does each day to transform her body and her life
  • What success looks like day-to-day
Wendy’s song for inspiration:
Fight Song by Rachel Patten

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