You are currently viewing FVY 019: Why Diets FAIL

FVY 019: Why Diets FAIL

All diets work… for 4-6 weeks, if you’re lucky.  But, if you diet, the odds are stacked against you: 95% of dieters gain the weight back, and then some.  In fact, going on a diet is the #1 predictor of weight gain.  

Crazy, right?

The answer is not to throw in the towel and dive head first into a bag of Doritos. 

In this podcast, I tell you WHY diets fail (even ‘healthy’ diets), and it nothing to do with lack of willpower.

More importantly, I share what you can do to stick to long term healthy habits for good. 

One of the action steps is to get clear on why you want to change.  Understanding your purpose and motivation, and getting clear on what success looks like, is key to longterm success.  Click on the box below to download the “Finding your Why” worksheet (it’s the same one we use in the Whole You Transformation Project.

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