You are currently viewing FVY 022: Putting the life back into healthy lifestyle with Alicia Melgoza

FVY 022: Putting the life back into healthy lifestyle with Alicia Melgoza

The first time I visited Alicia’s website, I found myself thinking “YES!” and “so true!” and “this girl gets it!”.   I was very excited to get to talk to Alicia on the podcast.

Alicia Melgoza is a Health Nut + Fitness Junkie Recovery Coach with a Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Denver. Through her coaching programs at, she helps both ladies and gents break free from food and exercise obsession and put the ‘life’ back into their healthy lifestyles SO THAT they can live happier, more meaningful and purpose-driven lives. 

She’s on a mission to help people Take Healthy Back™ and redefine healthy beyond flat abs, squats and veggies. Her approach to health and fitness is whole-istic, encompassing our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational well-being, and is all about living a tight life, not having a tight butt!
Alicia’s work has been featured on popular healthy living websites such as Mind Body Green and Get Healthy U, and she will be speaking at the 2016 Fitbloggin’ Conference.
And in this episode we talk about what could happen when you go to far in the ‘name of health’, and how to break free of dieting so you can actually learn to listen to your body.
She’s also put together a sweet giveaway for you.  In the show Alicia walks us through the “7 S’s to mindfulness”, and she’s put together a cheat sheet so you can download it right to your desktop, and maybe print it off and keep it by your pantry. 
FVY 22 givaway
Think you might be taking healthy to an unhealthy extreme? Take the Are You Obsessed With Exercise and Healthy Eating Quiz to find out.
You can find Alicia on her website, Instagram @TakingHealhyBack, Facebook, and Twitter @TakeHealthyBack.

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