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FVY 026: All about Fat with Tanya Fraser

I grew up in the ‘fat free’ era.  And even though I know fat is good for me… I still have a tough time getting enough in my diet.  I also find fats a bit confusing- and I rarely venture out of my comfort zone of butter, coconut oil, olive oil and pumpkin oil (which by the way, is my favourite oil!)
I invited Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and podcaster (I highly recommend her podcast- Cut the Crap and Keep it Real) Tanya Fraser, on the show to talk all about fat.   
We discuss why fat is so important, and a lot of the ‘how to’s’.  How to store nuts, seeds and oils.  Which fats to cook with, which to use cold.  What to look for in omega-3 supplements.  Which oils to buy at the store (and what to look for!).  As soon as the interview was done I went upstairs and made some changes to my pantry! 
Tanya gave a ton of information during the podcast.  And, so you don’t need to take notes (especially if you’re listening when driving!), I created an All about Fats Cheat Sheet for you.   I break down the types of fat, how to buy oils, how to store oils (not how to store fat ;), and which ones to cook with.
As a Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Tanya shows you how to cut the crap and keep it real. She motivates and give you the arse kicking you need to get your health, body and out-look on life on the right path.  She only works with those who are fed up with excuses and are ready to take control of their life, who are ready to live a life that is filled with health, positivity, fun and happiness. Through fitness and nutrition Tanya empowers you to take control and live the life you’ve always dream of. 


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