You are currently viewing FVY 027: Healthier & Happier: New Years Resolutions that Work

FVY 027: Healthier & Happier: New Years Resolutions that Work

How many times have you heard “I don’t bother setting New Years Resolutions… no one keeps them anyway”?

And it’s kinda true: most New Years Resolutions fail. 

But by not setting a goal (call it a New Years Resolution, intention, or whatever you like) you’re missing out on a wonderful opportunity to live the life you want to live- to be the person you want to become. 

In this podcast, I share five reasons why New Years Resolutions fail, and a simple step-by-step process to set goal and intentions for the New Year that work. 

Here’s the overview:
1. Reflect on 2015:  What went well?  What challenges did you face?  What are some of your happiest moments?  What lessons did you learn?  Where are you at the end of the year compared to the beginning of the year?  How did you do on your last year’s goals?

2. What do you want for 2016?  This is your chance to dream!  Visualize how you want to feel; how you want to present yourself on a daily basis.  You may include specific goals such as “I want to run 10K this year” as well as ‘grey’ goals such as “I want to be happier this year”.

3. Break your goal down to action items.  What does it look like on a daily basis?  Specific goals are easier to measure, such as a goal to run 10K.  You either did, or you didn’t do it.  Intentions such as “to be happier” are more difficult to measure, but if you perceive you’re happier, that’s all that matters.  Don’t get caught up on needing to measure every single intention.  Instead, focus on the action steps.  What do you need to do each day to become happier?  Maybe it’s starting a gratitude practice.  Maybe it’s scheduling recreation into each week.  Maybe you need to work on a project that you are excited about doing.  Those action steps become your goal.

4. Focus on short term goals.  More defined goals such as to run 10K may have 60-90 day plans/ goals.  All your goals or intentions can be broken down into daily habits.  Click the button below to get the exact daily habits check list that I use. 

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