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FVY 35: Hitting Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom is a beautiful start.

It’s the moment when you wake up and see things with such clarity. Often it’s someone else who calls it out: a loved one, a coach a friend. Sometimes it’s an event that occurs. Sometimes you just wake up and see admit that you have a problem.

It’s not that you didn’t know about the issue. We knew about the problem the whole time. But we keep it down. And even deep inside it weighs on us, it eats away slowly. It’s filled with shame.

You may ask, “How did I let things get this way”. And it can be extremely painful. It can be filled with regret. “I should have…”, or “if only…”. It’s also terrifying to look at what’s ahead.

In this podcast I share 6 tips and action steps to take when you see the light.  It’s a tough place to be, but getting through is worth it.

Here’s the link to Brene Brown’s website.

You can also download the 6 Steps to move forward from rock bottom  here 🙂

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