You are currently viewing FVY 36: Food Rules worth Following with Glenn Johnson

FVY 36: Food Rules worth Following with Glenn Johnson

When it comes to nutrition, and fitness for that matter, there is no shortage of information… and all the information can be so overwhelming! 

In this episode, I talk to Glenn Johnson, health coach, personal trainer, college professor and founder of Life Fit Lean, about the food rules worth following.

Be sure to listen to all the rules-and the entire episode for that matter.   We do have a bit of a conversation about the rules, and it’s worth listening to.  If you know me, you’ll know that I look at the big picture, and will never say ‘never eat cheesecake’ or so on, but there’s good reason to pay attention to these ‘rules’, at least at the beginning. 

We talk a lot about sugar as well, and Glenn has some great links below on how to curb the sugar cravings.   I’ve also put together a list of ‘sneaky sources of sugar’ for you.  Click below to download, then print it off and start reading labels!

A bit more about my guest, Glenn Johnson: Glenn’s goal in life is to empower 1 million people to find good health and fitness ā€“ for life. His philosophy is simple, efficient, effective exercise and nutrition for an intuitive, healthy life. Learn more about Glenn and his programs at

Links mentioned in the Episode:

We’ve also just started the Fit & Vibrant Life Community!  This is the group if you’re ready  to ditch the diet, reclaim your health and get the body and kick ass life you want (and deserve!)  I’m here to help you!

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