You are currently viewing FVY 50: Developing Good Eating Habits & Positive Body Image in Kids with Julie Dillon

FVY 50: Developing Good Eating Habits & Positive Body Image in Kids with Julie Dillon

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I recently received this question from a listener: “I have really been enjoying the change of thought from good food and bad food to just food.  I’m just wondering how to start good habits with my 8 year old daughter now without it being too ‘strict'” -Nancy

In this episode, I talk to Juile Dillon, a ‘weight neutral’ registered dietitian and food behavior expert who helps her clients enjoy eating again.  She’s also the host of the Love Food Podcast.  Julie says “You can raise a healthy eating adult, or you can have your child be a healthy eater today.  But you can’t have both”.  

Using her own specialized method of nutrition counseling, Julie Dillon considers the specific needs, unique lifestyles and health concerns of her clients. She then customizes a comprehensive program that best addresses their eating difficulties.  Julie’s clients enjoy a positive, nurturing and goal-focused environment where they find invaluable resources to heal their relationship with food and enjoy the benefits of healthy eating.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to foster a positive body image in your kids
  • Which ‘food rules’ to follow when feeding kids
  • Your real job as a parent when it comes to feeding your children

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