You are currently viewing FVY 59: Becoming Your Best Self Through Daily Rituals with Ann Green

FVY 59: Becoming Your Best Self Through Daily Rituals with Ann Green

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We often talk about goals in terms of outcomes.   For example, we have weight loss goals, or we want to improve our health, or our fitness level.  But what about how we want to feel?  And how we want to live our life? 

In this episode, I talk to Ann Green all about creating simple rituals so that you can truly live the life you want to live. 

We talk about:

  • Exactly what at ritual is, and how to create rituals around 2 things that you’re already doing
  • How to connect the things you do each day to the values you want to live, so that you can be your best self
  • Exactly how to put the idea of ‘living your values’ into action… because I’m all about taking ACTION!

Ann is a yogi, a runner, a surfer and a shineologist and has been teaching this revealing force of nature in her approach to yoga, humbly inspiring more bliss in this awe inspiring world. Ann’s mission in life is to manifest that deep vibration of connection and happiness discovered through the web and flow of love and nature.  An active green ‘be’ing, she inspires others to act as a conduit in their own deep power all as an integral part of the magical tapestry of life interwoven and connected to be a force of that nature and surf that magical tapestry creating a truly deep and connected quilt of community, harmonious to all.   She aims to inspire and to spread happiness in neighbourhoods everywhere ~ SHiNE on!  She radiates living life to the fullest!

I can’t wait to share this episode with you!!!  I thought this could be a good place to also share my own personal ‘daily rituals’.  If you’d like a sneak peak as to what I do on a daily and weekly basis, click here and I’ll send you my checklist 🙂 

Visit Ann online:
Facebook: anngreenyoga
Instagram: shineologist

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