FVY 67: How to set Goals that Inspire Action with Michelle Richardson

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Do you recall times in your life, or maybe you’re like this right now, when you just feel really good?  You’re inspired, you have energy, and you’re simply happy. 

And then there’s other times when things aren’t so hot.  Everything seems to be a bit of a struggle. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to know why, and better yet, what you can do about it?

In this podcast I chat with Michelle Richardson, business and life coach, author and founder of Momentum Works, about Needs-Based Goals that Inspire Action.  

There are many ways to set goals; few, if any, are as effective at inspiring action and achievement as a needs-based approach. Each person has a unique set of personal needs; discovering them and designing their life around them is a critical, yet little known determinant of success and happiness.  Setting goals that align with personal needs and result in the experiences required to feel inspired, vibrant, and fully alive on a daily basis makes them more compelling and increases the likelihood of achievement.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Connect with Michelle online: www.momentumworks.com


Michelle’s Book (paperback): http://bit.ly/fsttbook  and Kindle Edition: http://bit.ly/fsttKindle


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