FVY 69: Mean Girls & Setting Boundaries with Aryn Savard

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Do you feel judged by others, especially other women?  Or, do you find yourself comparing yourself to those around you, and perhaps trying to pick apart and being others down?  Do you feel like you have no boundaries and are give most of your time and energy to others: career, family, friends, parents, with little time to ‘fill your own bucket?’.  If so, this podcast is recorded just for you.  

Up until recently, I only knew a little bit about Aryn Savard: I knew she owned the Goddess Movement, a pole fitness and circus studio in Abbotsford BC- and that she can dance… like really dance (click here to visit her Facebook page and check out the videos!)  But when we met up for a walk (yes, with her dogs), the conversation flowed, and I knew you’d love to hear from her.  

We cover a lot of topics such as…

  • Judging others and being judged (ie. ‘mean girls’) and what it really means
  • Aryn’s breakdown, which ultimately lead to learning to set boundaries and prioritizing her health
  • How to actually start working on ‘self care’

I love how Aryn describes what she does… because it’s so much more than teaching pole fitness:
“I have always had a passion for movement.  Through my years I have discovered that everyBODY has the ability to move and express life.  I have been blessed with an eye for kinaesthetic movement, how to create it, how to fix it when it’s not working and how to apply physics to increase the desired outcome.  But what I love most is CREATIVITY!!  I have developed a national curriculum for pole fitness and while I love teaching people how to teach foundations and technique, where I come alive is when the foundations are built soundly so we can play like children.  I love guiding students through movement exercises that bust away the old systems and make way for child-like, soul-filling, expressive dance.

I am a fire-bellied, adventure seeking gypsy goddess.  I love to do new things, swim in the ocean and I live for moments of passion.  I am a mom of 11 years, wife of 17 and business owner of 10.  I have two fur-babies, a chocolate lab and black lab whom I am forever grateful that they give me a good excuse to be outside every single day.”  

Where you can find Aryn:
on Facebook as Aryn Savard
on Instagram as arynsavard
through my pole studio on Facebook as The Goddess Movement
through my pole studio on the web at www.thegoddessmovement.com
blog at https://arynsavard.wordpress.com
at the end of November I will be launching my personal website at www.arynsavard.com

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