FVY 71: A Celebration of Food with Bonnie Friesen

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Have you ever been told that “food is just fuel”?  If that was true, why is food such a huge part of our culture? We celebrate with food. We connect with food. We LOVE good food. And that’s part of being human. 

I’m excited to invite chef Bonnie Friesen to the Fit and Vibrant You Podcast to talk about how we can shift from seeing food as simply macronutrients and nutrition, and something that gives us energy, or perhaps something we fear, to seeing food as an amazing, enjoyable experience.  How food nourishes our soul, and can help us build meaningful relationships with loved ones.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • How to turn the most basic meals you prepare into an experience
  • The benefits of eating local, in season foods, and how to do it
  • To shift the way you see food and cooking from ‘something you have to do’ to something you get to do

Bonnie was born, raised and fed on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia. Her passion for growing, cooking and eating food grew out of a combination of her mother’s love for cooking and her travels through Europe, which inspired her to enroll in the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver.  Bonnie to be the proud recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Award at the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. She finds her greatest satisfaction channeling all she has learned into creating elegant, locally inspired, multi course dinner parties for Faspa and Company. Bonnie currently resides on a farm in Yarrow, where she loves cooking in cast iron over an open fire by the Chilliwack river with her husband.

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