You are currently viewing FVY 112: Create sustainable CHANGE this Year with Catherine Tanaka

FVY 112: Create sustainable CHANGE this Year with Catherine Tanaka

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Do you have goals for 2019? If any of your goals are related to your health and fitness- and you want SUSTAINABLE change, you don’t want to miss my interview with Catherine Tanaka.

You’ll discover:

  • How to be CONSISTENT with your health and fitness habits
  • Why CLARITY is important when it comes to reaching our goals
  • How to actually change the way we talk to ourselves so that we stop fighting and start working with ourselves

Catherine Tanaka is a fitness and health coach, with multiple passions including her kids, doing yoga and learning as much as she can about business. She is the host of the Body Project Podcast.

She is on a mission to make a difference in others happiness through fitness using the best research to give you the best fitness hacks to make being the best version of you possible. 

Catherine specifically works for women, busy moms and high-achieving professionals who want to be AS on their A-game in their health and body as they are in the rest of their life. 

Visit Catherine online:

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