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How to Break Bad Habits and Stick to Good Ones (FVY 121)

How to break bad habits (and stick to good ones)

“I just need to stop snacking at night”
“I just need to start being more consistent”
“If only I stopped eating when I wasn’t hungry”
“I need to stop eating junk food”.

Most of us know what to do to improve or health, fitness and nutrition, we just don’t do it consistently.

40-45% of what we do in a day, like it or not, is out of habit. We have good habits, like brushing our teeth, and bad habits, like snacking on junk food when we’re stressed or scrolling on our phone when we’re supposed to be present with the person sitting beside us.

There’s no doubt about it, breaking bad habits is hard. And for most people, simply knowing what they should do isn’t enough, and relying on willpower only lasts for a few days or weeks.

Join me in this week’s Facebook Live and Podcast as I break down exactly how habits are formed and give you a step-by-step process how to break bad habits, and stick to good ones!

Listen in, and then TAKE ACTION!



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