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These 2 Thoughts Stop Us from Making Progress- Are you Thinking Them? (FVY 124)

Our thoughts. 
They can be our greatest ally, or our greatest hindrance to getting to where we want to go, being that person we want to be, getting the body we want to have. 

The first step to changing our thoughts is to become aware of them. By default, we are  are TERRIBLE at being aware our own thoughts. Our own thoughts seem real. Like when we having a bad dream- we’re in it, we feel it- and it feels REAL.

In today’s podcast we’re going to unpack two common thoughts and phrases that STOP you from taking action, from making progress. These thoughts lead to procrastination- and I want you to take ACTION.

As you listen in, I want you to ask “where is this coming up in my life?” and “what WILL I do and what CAN I do next time this happens?”

I have a special challenge for you in this podcast- TAKE ACTION!!!

Your friend + coach,

Tanja x

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