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Lessons from a $1500 tax fine (FVY 145)

They say nutrition is 80% and fitness is 20%.
I disagree.
80-90%+ is MINDSET.
It’s our perspective. Our thoughts. Our beliefs. 
I fear that the response to me talking about mindset will be yawns, eye rolls, or scrolling through until you find a pretty meal plan, or 5 ways to hack your body. And honestly, most people who I work with have already exhausted their attempts at finding sustainable, real change and to LOVE the way they feel by focusing on tactics. 
So here I am, again, reminding you (with very ACTIONABLE mindset shifts) so that you can make a powerful, positive lifestyle change and fall in love with the process. So you can love the way you feel. So you can live fully, and freely.
This week’s podcast topic comes directly from my own personal experience this week- transitioning from vacation to my regular workday, and a surprise $1500 penalty in the mail. 
We chat about mindset shifts to help you:
✔️sleep better (what to do/ think when you simply can’t sleep)
✔️manage stress and overwhelm 
✔️take back control of your life and choices
Don’t just listen- APPLY what you learn. Transformation doesn’t come from learning more information, it comes from your practice!
I am getting ready to release the Whole YOU Transformation this fall. Currently I’m taking on a handful of men and women who are READY to take control of their health and to change their life to work with me 1-1. If this is you, email me at or dm me on social media. We’ll set up a discovery call and go from there! More info on the WYT is at

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