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Be the Author of Your Body with Kayla Van Egdom: FVY208

When it comes to improving our health and losing weight, we so often start our journey by looking for the next diet plan. We need more willpower. More time. We just need someone to cook for us.
What if food wasn’t the problem?
Spoiler alert: it ISN’T:
Ok, you already know that if you’ve been listening to the Fit + Vibrant You podcast, and today we’re tackling a MAJOR roadblock: our beliefs. Our stories. Our narrative.
I’m joined by Kayla Van Egdom, to break through some of the most common beliefs that hold us back. You’ll learn:
💕Some of the most common limiting beliefs we tell ourselves when trying to lose weight
💕A simple, practical process to identify the stories that keep you stuck
💕How to break that belief (without airy-fairy affirmations that aren’t true)

Kayla is a Mind Body Eating Coach, Personal Trainer, and Precision Nutrition Coach. She has worked in the industry for over 5 years, helping men and women change their mindset, emotional well-being and habits so they can permanently transform their bodies. She is the creator of Be the Author of Your Body, a course that teaches people to step into the author role in their lives, eliminate limiting beliefs, and crush their health and fitness goals.

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