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HOW to Change Your Mindset (and Why it Matters): FVY209


Have you ever said to yourself:

“I just can’t stay committed” or “I do really well for a while, and then something always seems to get in the way” or “I just need to get in the right mindset”

And then you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest for healthy Instant Pot recipes, hoping you’ll find the answer to your eating struggles.

Except food isn’t the problem. Most women I work with already know that kale and beans are better choices than Oreo cookies.  

Diets focus on the method, and while method matters (no cabbage soup diet here!), it doesn’t solve the real issue most women have with food. Because, once again, food isn’t the problem. 

We are overwhelmed with information, and yet we keep searching for more. Thinking that we just need more information to solve our problems.

What we really need is a MINDSET upgrade.

I know… (eye rolls, yawn)… “I’ll work on my mindset once I lose the weight”. 

Except it doesn’t work that way. 

Mindset is our attitudes and beliefs, our way of thinking. And it drives all behaviour. 

So many women are afraid to try again, or to even work with me, because they have always ‘started out so gung ho, and then all that motivation fizzles out and they go back to square one’. 

They are fearful because they are still operating on the same thinking that caused their inconsistent habits in the first place. They haven’t learned to change their mindset. 

Ok… so how does one BUILD a winning mindset? 

Glad you asked… and glad you are here.

Join me in episode 209 of the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast as we do just that.

With so much love + hope,

Tanja x

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