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Pelvic Floor, Core + Incontinence with Courtney Claggett: FVY210


Ladies… I am THRILLED to share this conversation with Courtney Claggett, Kinesiologist and Core Confidence Specialist about your core and pelvic floor: incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, postnatal recovery and movement.

Join us for a candid conversation to learn:
⭐️ Why incontinence is common, but NOT normal… and what you can do about it
⭐️ Why doing kegels might be doing more harm than good
⭐️ How to properly strengthen your core and pelvic floor (hint: it doesn’t include crunches and planks)

Meet Courtney:
“While pregnant with my son, I got lost in all the information available for pregnant women and new moms; don’t do planks, don’t lift too heavy, don’t jump, etc. It was then that I decided I wanted to learn everything I could about safe and effective exercise during and following pregnancy. Yes, there are certain movements that should be avoided in certain stages of pre/postpartum or with certain dysfunctions; it is my passion to find ways to get women safely back to doing the movements they love while staying active no matter the situation.

I am a Kinesiologist who is driven to help moms train safely through pregnancy as well as help them back into fitness following delivery.”

Connect with Courtney online:

Facebook: CMC Fitness Consulting
Instagram: @cmcfitnessconsulting

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