You are currently viewing Embracing a Changing Body with Marie, Julie + Mindy from the Midlife Matters Podcast: FVY212

Embracing a Changing Body with Marie, Julie + Mindy from the Midlife Matters Podcast: FVY212

I have been listening to the Midlife Matters Podcast for a few months, and it feels like I’m having a cup of coffee (and laughs) with good friends. I love how Marie, Julie and Mindy NORMALIZE so many of the things we don’t really talk about in the middle years. I am delighted to have the opportunity to interview these lovely women on the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast and introduce them to you!

Listen in as they share:

⭐️ How their health, fitness goals, relationship with their body has changed over the decades
⭐️ Some of the unique challenges women in their 40s, 50s and 60s face (that we don’t usually talk about)
⭐️ How they embrace their changing body and changing roles as they age

Marie, Julie, and Mindy are three moms raising twelve kids from middle school to young adulthood. Each week on the Midlife Matters Podcast they talk about all the topics keeping women in the middle years up at night. They cover the new challenges frequently encountered in midlife such as empty nest syndrome, the double standards of aging between men and women, and the ups and downs of raising teenagers. They approach every topic with encouragement and humor as they strive to create a supportive and fun community for midlife women!  

Listeners can find them on Instagram at Midlife Matters Podcast and on their website at

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