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How to Stop Being So Mean to Yourself: FVY222


We THINK that body + self-appreciation (acceptance/ respect/ love- you can choose which word resonates most with you) happens once we get in shape, lose the weight or are ‘successful’.

It doesn’t. 

At best you’ll have conditional love for yourself, which can turn to self-loathing with a few cookies. More likely, you’ll keep your inner mean girl, just with a smaller body. 

Loving yourself, respecting yourself doesn’t magically happen AFTER you lose the weight. Learning to love and accept yourself along your weight loss journey is the ONLY way forward to end the on-again-off-again cycle, the self-sabotage, and to start feeling GOOD in your body.

It is a choice.

And it’s there waiting for you.

Join me on this week’s episode of the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast to discover WHY you need to start a self-appreciation practice TODAY, and how to do it.

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