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Make Weight Loss EASIER with These Questions: FVY223


Ever find yourself standing in the pantry, pondering the options for a midday snack when you’re bored? Do you negotiate the wine on a Tuesday night, even though you committed you would reserve the pinot for weekends only? Do you justify the chocolate after dinner by vowing you’ll ‘eat clean’ tomorrow?

So much of the struggle of sticking to healthier eating habits, or losing weight, is simply due to arguing with yourself.

“I want this”.
“I shouldn’t have this”.
“Just this one time won’t hurt”.
“I can make up for it tomorrow”.
“If I have it now I’ll be less likely to indulge later on”.

You overthink, you waste so much energy arguing with yourself. It’s exhausting.

Thankfully, there’s another way. Join me on this week’s episode of the Fit + Vibrant You Podcast to learn how to start making the healthier choice EASIER with a handful of simple QUESTIONS.


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