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Stay Motivated + Consistent with PULL Goals: FVY228


We’re going back to the archives and releasing a past podcast episode on a very important topic: how to set inspiring goals.

You’ve probably heard that setting goals is important… but chances are, you’re not creating goals that inspire consistent action.

We are either motivated to move away from something we don’t want (a push goal) or toward something we do want (a pull goal).

Both types of goals have their utility, but for long-term success, whether it’s in weight loss, your health, business, finances or relationships, we want more PULL goals. 

The action steps might be the same, but the feeling is so much different.

In this podcast you’ll learn:
1. What push goals and pull goals look like (lots of examples)
2. WHY we want pull goals, and
3. How to shift your perspective and move forward with more motivation, excitement and consistency with pull goals

Press play and join me! 


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