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Thriving Through Menopause with Dr. Michelle Gordon: FVY232

Menopause is a journey—one for which many of us arrive unprepared and surprised.  And for many, it’s not a pleasant journey, rife with undesirable changes such as weight gain, mood swings, and sleepless nights.
But what if suffering through menopause was optional?
What if you could feel GOOD during menopause?
Dr. Michelle Gordon (better known as Dr. G) believes that you can.
Dr. G is the founder of The Menopause Movement – a community of women who have transcended the misery that can come with menopause. The women in The Menopause Movement are helping each other flourish through menopause and life. Dr. G is also host of The Menopause Movement Podcast.
She’s a board-certified general surgeon who became a menopause expert out of necessity.
When menopause hit her out of the blue with embarrassing hot flashes, crippling self-doubt, stubborn belly fat, and raging moods, she went to work to understand what was happening. Through trial and error on herself, she began to thrive.
Her mission is to help you discover the secret to ditching MENO-Misery and making menopause the best time of your life the MENO-Mate way!
Join in on my conversation with Dr. G to discover:
✔️WHY so many women struggle through menopause
✔️Specific foods to eat (and not eat) to minimize ‘MenoMisery”
✔️The mindset shifts you must make to become vibrant, health and happy through menopause
Plus, we answer YOUR questions about hot flashes, changes in skin, weight gain and more.
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