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Living a Low Carb Lifestyle with Dr. Lucy Burns: FVY240


After years and years of struggling with yo-yo dieting, sugar addiction and insulin resistance, Dr. Lucy finally lost 20 kg and more importantly kept it off. In this interview, she shares what she did.

We talk about:

💕 How insulin can affect weight loss- and how to ‘unlock’ your body’s ability to burn stored body fat

💕 Why it’s easier to simply ‘not awake Fluffy’ (you’ll need to listen in for this one… and it’s definitely a mindset trick I’ll be using!)

💕 Whether or not you need to go on a ketogenic diet to manage insulin levels

💕 How wine and alcohol can fit into a low carb lifestyle

💕 The science of the food industry, and what to do to avoid the traps


About Dr. Lucy

Dr. Lucy Burns is a GP and a lifestyle medicine physician. She works out of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria where she runs a weight loss clinic. Epiphany Medical Weight Loss and is booked out for months and was the inspiration for an online learning platform to share this information on a wider scale. Considered an expert in her field, Dr. Lucy also speaks about weight management at Doctor conferences as well as events for the general public.

Dr. Lucy is the mum of two teenage girls and has muscular dystrophy which impairs her mobility. In her 20’s she managed her weight with exercise. Alas, this is no longer possible and as a result, she became overweight/obese and was insulin resistant. Two years ago she lost 20 kgs by adopting a low carb lifestyle and more importantly has maintained this.

Dr. Lucy is known for her positive can-do nature and is an eternal optimist. Despite this, she has experienced depression for many years which is now in remission thanks to her lifestyle changes.

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