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Stress + Anxiety Around Food: FVY246


Greetings friend!

How do you feel about things opening up after over a year or so in lockdown. Are you excited? Are you nervous that the parties and gatherings will derail you from your healthy habits? 

I’ve had many questions in the past weeks from listeners and clients about overcoming the stress and anxiety around food when things open up. 

One listener wrote “I found that covid restrictions (less socializing, no restaurants, extra free time to exercise) worked for me. Now that everything is opening up and we are eating out more, more get-togethers, etc., I am finding it more challenging. I truly want to make it a new lifestyle and not a diet.”

This is such an important question! I want you to feel good in your body AND live your life. I don’t want you to ever feel like you need to choose between getting a body you love and enjoying vacations, parties and other celebrations. There’s a way you can have it all. 

Press play and let’s work through these challenges so that you feel confident that you can enjoy going out AND have a body you love.