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When You’re Feeling “Ugh”: FVY265



Not sure where you’re at or what’s going on for you right now, but I want to remind you that happiness is not the gold standard. And if we’re not happy, something must be wrong.

Whenever I share anything about being in a funk, or feeling ‘blah’ or ‘ugh’, I get a lot of likes and comments… because so many of us feel this way. 

One of my members posted:

“Thank you, Tanja, for this morning’s voice note about having blah days or days when you feel like you’re just getting by. Sometimes we feel like we’re alone when we feel like that, but you reminded us that it’s very NORMAL, and we can feel all the things!! What a great reminder, as we all have those days. And, yes, it’s so important to still make good choices and take care of ourselves on those kinds of days, as the brighter days will feel even brighter! 😃 Forever grateful for you!! ❤️

It is normal. You’re not alone. At the same time, we don’t necessarily want to stay in the feeling of ‘ugh’ or ‘blah’ or just a bit off for too long. Whether you’re feeling amazing, or not, I think you’ll like this podcast. Press play and join me for some real talk on what to do when you feel ‘blah’.

-Tanja x
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