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How to Handle Food Pushers: FVY270


If you are trying to lose your weight, or simply make healthier choices,  you’ve probably encountered food pushers.

Your friends invite you out for drinks and appies, and want you to partake in ALL the appies.

Your husband says ‘there’s just a little more, we can’t save it… have it!”

Your aunt made your favourite pasta dish, and wants to see you eat it all.

The way I see it, you have four choices:
1. You avoid them altogether (declining dinner invites, or you eat meals on your own)
2. You eat with others and give in to social pressures, putting your own goals on hold
3. You eat with others but say no and feel miserable as you sip on your ice water
4. You learn how to manage social situations and food pushers while making healthier choices AND enjoying the process.

Friend, hit play and let’s choose option 4.